Thursday 20th August 2020

Dear Parents / Carers and Students,

With results day in August fast approaching I thought I would take this opportunity to go over the plans we have made regarding the collection of results for Year 11 students.

All students will be required to come into school from 9.30am, on their own, to collect their results and confirm their destinations.

Students will collect their results and then talk to us about their next steps. We will have Connexions available to advise students and Mrs Teale and Mrs Lawlor will be available to discuss Sixth Form at Churchill Community College. Enrolment forms will be available in the results envelope and these are to be completed and returned on results day. Before students leave they must make us aware of their destinations in September.

Government guidance on social distancing means that parents or siblings will unfortunately not be allowed on to the school site at this time, however appointments will be available for students and their parents to meet with a member of staff to discuss their results should they wish to. Appointments slots will be available in the afternoon of Thursday 20th August and throughout the day on Friday 21st August. Details of how to book an appointment will be available on results day.

We know that there has been a lot of discussion in the media about the fact that, because exams were cancelled, students’ final grades will be arrived at differently this year and it is important that both students and parents/carers understand this process. Like all schools, we have followed the following procedure:

1. Teachers across the school have worked very hard and spent many hours working together to estimate as accurately as possible the grade each individual student would have got if they had sat the exams. This was done for each subject separately by taking into account results from mock exams, class tests, and coursework, as well as the amount and quality of home learning and work completed in lessons.

2. Teachers have then worked together to put all students who they estimated would receive the same grade in a particular subject, into a rank order. For example, all the Art teachers took the list of students they estimated would have got a grade 5 and ranked them. The students at the top of the rank order for each grade were those whose previous work made the teachers most confident that they would have achieved that particular grade. The students at the bottom of the rank order were those who the teachers thought might have got that gradeif everything had gone well, but whose previous work made them less confident that they would definitely have achieved that grade.

3. Exam boards have then reviewed the grades submitted by all schools across the country and moderated them. This means that exam boards will have changed some of the grades submitted by each school so that nationally roughly the same percentage of students this year will have achieved each grade as last year. For example, if 20% of students lastyear were awarded a grade 4 in English, they will make sure that 20% of students this year will be awarded a grade 4 in English.

4. Exam boards will finally look at the rank order each school submitted for each grade and maychange the grade of some of the students at the bottom of the rank order, giving them the grade below the one the teachers originally submitted. It may also work the other way, and students at the very top of the rank order for a grade may end up being awarded the next grade up. This does not mean that the teachers were wrong, but might happen because exam boards want to ensure that roughly the same number of students achieve each grade as achieved it last year.

For more details, see the infographic included with this letter, or watch the government video.

Nationally this was the fairest way of assigning grades to students across the country, but it does mean that, in some cases, our students’ grades will be different to those that the school submitted to the exam boards. After students have collected their results, if you do wish to discuss how a particular grade has been awarded and the extent to which it has been moderated, as previously mentioned appointment times will be available that afternoon (Thursday 20th August) or the following day (Friday 21st August) and details about how to make an appointment will be provided on results day itself. It is important to understand that the government have, however, made clear that this year there will be no appeals and it will not be possible for any results to be changed.

We look forward to welcoming and celebrating with all of our students on results day, and in the meantime we would continue to encourage you to keep in touch through our regular website updates or by following us on social media.

Yours sincerely,

David Baldwin – Headteacher