Dear Parent,

We want to remind parents of our uniform policy, that the only facial jewellery allowed in school is one small pair of studs. Other piercings further up the ear and in the nose, tongue and lip need to be removed. Hair colour should be a natural shade and if it is not, dyed to a natural colour over half term.

Students who still have nose piercings / unnatural hair colour after half term will be educated in the year group in isolation rooms until a meeting can be arranged with the Head and/or governors or the issue is resolved.

We will accept a clear plastic stud in the nose or the piercing removed. If students have nose rings that are ‘stuck’ they need to go to the shop or doctors over half term, have them removed and ensure they put in a clear plastic stud for school or remove them entirely. They must be removed for PE. Clear studs can be bought on Amazon at very low cost.

We have sought advice about piercings and have received information that it is acceptable to remove them from 6 weeks without them healing up. It is now over 8 weeks since the summer holiday and therefore all piercings can be removed.

We will ask any students with new piercings over half term to remove them or be educated outside of their main classes, so please do not waste your money having a piercing and wait until the summer holidays. Students have missed a lot of school in lockdown and we do not want them to miss any more lessons, but we are not prepared to drop our high standards.

We are willing to buy a colour remover for hair if parents cannot afford to do this


Mrs Roderick – Assistant Head