A mixture of Yr 8 and 9 students took part in TICE (This Is Creative Enterprise) Textile Design and Applied Surface workshops throughout the year. The process was rigorous with students having to pass through 3 stages, an Interview and a written statement before creating a piece of work to exhibit at the final show. Our students learned a variety of new techniques and skills, working closely with staff and students from Cleveland College of Art and Design and their mentor Charlotte Liddle. The final show took place on the 20th June at Newcastle University where their work was commended by industry experts. Both parents and staff were incredibly proud to see them up on stage to collect their Awards and Certificates.

Art and Design Technology Showcase

The technology and Art department had an amazing evening celebrating the student’s achievements over the year with parents, carers and friends at their Showcase evening on the 20th June. Both staff and the public choice awards were presented on the evening with every attendee voting on their favourite pieces. It was a huge pleasure to exhibit the work of our talented students and an even greater one to share this with the crowds who came to support.