The Day – News to open the mind.

To make the world our classroom

because only by connecting what we are taught to the realities of life around us does
the fire of learning truly ignite. We do this by using daily current affairs to lead us to
subjects and topics from the curriculum.

To report the truth with balance and reason

because we need to appreciate the scale of the challenge that fake news poses to
democratic institutions and civilised discourse and make the ability to distinguish
between fact and fiction a central part of education. We do this by checking our stories
with dozens of sources from all over the world and by describing different opinions
rather than taking strong positions ourselves.

To make the news accessible and relevant for all

because knowledge of the contemporary world and the confidence that it gives should
be offered to every young person equally, regardless of background and ability. We do
this first, by striving to think clearly and use only the clearest language and second, by
suggesting how particular stories shape our broader lives and choices.

To inspire curiosity and argument

because people who question and form opinions tend to be smarter, more creative and
more successful but at the very moment when the rewards of curiosity have never
been higher, it is misunderstood and undervalued, and increasingly practiced only by
a few. We do this by showing that behind every news story there lies a great landscape
of thought, philosophy and ideas.

To plant the seeds of civic engagement and global citizenship

because to be truly individual is also to be truly part of the world and the highest
expression of humanity is to play a part in society. We do this by writing about the
ideas and the movements that are changing our world and by studying those who
achieve and aspire to leadership in every field of life.