Thank you to all students, parents and carers for your patience as we get used to our new virtual school.  If your child hasn’t managed to access their lessons this morning don’t worry, we will continue to support them and you but please bear with us as we respond to queries.  All lessons will appear as recordings in Google Classroom later that day so they can still access their learning and complete tasks.

Here are some further tips to help you and your child at home:

  1. All students must use their school account, not private accounts.
  2. If you have any issues with logins to the school website, Apple IDs or problems with Google Meet email
  3. Use Google Chrome if you can.
  4. There are posts in year group Google Classrooms with tips and advice as well as videos to help too.
  5. Students must have cameras and microphones off when they join a lesson and only use the chat feature when the teacher tells them to.

We are aware that some functions might not be working for all students, please bear with us as we investigate these.

Students will receive a Google Form later where they can update us on any issues they have had today too.

Thank you for your support.