This unique professional development opportunity focuses on developing teachers’ mathematical subject knowledge in the most crucial stage of a child’s school life. The course material will equip practitioners with some vital “big ideas” of early learning in maths (the Erikson Institute), which provide much needed detail and substance to existing Development Matters and ELG statements. This will support each school’s approach to teaching for mastery across all phases of primary school and beyond. Some well researched and innovative pedagogies are modelled and explored, which will enable practitioners to maximise maths learning in their settings.

The final aspect to the course is developing leadership capacity; encouraging each practitioner to feel equipped and confident to lead professional development in their own school and ensure cohesive practice throughout their early years setting.


Day 1 – Fri 12/10/2018

Day 2 – Fri 23/11/2018

Day 3 – Fri 25/01/2019

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