Year 11 exams have started, we have had Art and Photography and MFL speaking exams the formal exams start on Monday 13th May and finish on Friday 14th June. Both staff and students have worked incredibly hard in lessons, during catch up sessions, holidays etc. to make them as ‘exam ready’ as possible, thank you for all that you have done to support your child through this process.

It is important that we remain consistent about our expectations during this crucial exam season therefore please support by ensuring
– Your child continues to attend ALL lessons until their LAST exam

– When one subject is completed students will use this lesson time to be doing revision for other subjects. it is your child’s responsibility to ensure the have revision to do in these sessions
– Attendance – morning registration and class registers will continue to be marked in the usual way and the attendance team will ring home if your child is not in lessons up until their leaving date.
– Uniform – your child must continue to wear their uniform.

I have attached the timetable that will go to students on Monday 13th May which indicates all of the exam sessions and the revision sessions that staff are delivering before exams.
Thank you for your ongoing support at this crucial time in your child’s education.