Rewarding students is fundamental to the ethos at Churchill Community College. We take every opportunity to publicly praise and reward our students both inside and outside of lessons, helping us to build those positive relationships and motivating students to be outstanding Churchill citizens.

The school’s rewards system is designed to be fair and transparent as well as allowing students to be recognised for their outstanding attendance, achievement, progress, effort, attitude to learning or attitude to others. Every member of staff at Churchill Community College can issue SIMS points to students. These are collated every term and students are awarded certificates and /or badges and entered into a prize draw.

We also have a rewards focus week each half term which links to our tutor programme and assemblies and builds on key attributes we want to foster such as resilience, kindness or positivity.

In addition to this, students receive;

  • Subject badges
  • Certificates or letters from the Head teacher
  • Cards from their Learning Coordinator
  • Postcards home
  • End of term treats
  • Special mentions of our Facebook and Twitter sites
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Student of the lesson/ week/ month awards
  • Their work displayed
  • Hot chocolate with the Head teacher

This list is not exhaustive and is constantly being added to. Notifications of all positive contributions to college life are communicated to home via School Gateway.