Royal Navy Catering Section visited Churchill. 

Today we were delighted to welcome the Royal Navy Catering Section to Churchill Community College. The sailors worked with our Key Stage Four students in Food Technology to explore the wide range of careers offered in the Royal Navy and to look at the role of the catering section.

We found out about what the Navy do, their main role and the range of ships and submarines they have. It was fascinating to hear about the Aircraft Carriers which are huge and become an airport at sea!

We also got to cook with our guests and we made stuffed chicken Roulade served on a bed of garlic and mushroom tagliatelle with sauteed asparagus. This was so tasty and included lots of food preparation skills for example poaching, blanching and frying. Food is really important in life as we would be unable to survive without it. The Navy Chefs provide food on all ships and navy bases. They have to be really creative with what they cook so that staff both like it and enjoy it.

This was a great experience for all involved.


RAF Fun Flight Worrkshops


Today a number of our students attended the Fun with Flight presentation by the Royal Air Force. During this students learnt about the vast range of careers within the RAF. We were really surprised to find out that there are 33, 000 different job roles and that only 2000 of these actually involve flying an aircraft !

Students discovered how the physics they study within the classroom is an integral part of the work which engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations. We saw how weight, drag and thrust are all needed to power an aeroplane and how lots of different people are needed to make this happen from engineers. pilots, nurses, administration officers, teachers, trainers. The RAF make lots of use of technology in their work – we saw a drone being used and found out how it can be used to survey an area, Students also saw and heard a jet engine working – it was amazing but really loud ! Finally, we had the opportunity to try out virtual reality on a roller coaster, learn how speed was important and how virtual reality is a key part in the day to day training within the RAF and flight simulation.

During the morning we were joined by students from Battle Hill Primary School, Denbigh Primary School, Grasmere Academy and Stephenson Memorial Primary School.

This was a fantastic opportunity for all involved and clearly demonstrated the vast range of careers available with the Royal Air Force.