Behaviour for Learning

At Churchill Community College we have high expectations and believe in developing positive relationships with our students based on mutual respect. The key principles of Behaviour for Learning across the college are calm, consistent and caring and staff are visibly consistent in their application of these.

We aim to greet students at the door and use a consistent language to ensure that students are absolutely clear on our expectations. Students are expected to come to college in full uniform, equipped with at least a pen, pencil and ruler and they stand behind their seats silently at the beginning of each lesson to ensure all are immediately focussed and ready to learn. Our students are encouraged to be kind and caring citizens that think about others needs in addition to their own. We have focussed heavily on the themes of living without harm and respect which have run through our assembly and tutor programme.

Drinks allowed during lunch

Students are encouraged where possible to drink water throughout the day, but we appreciate students may desire a change when eating their lunch. For this reason we are happy for students to drink the following:

  • Flavoured Water
  • Juice
  • Coke/Pepsi./Fanta



We use a common language when giving sanctions to ensure that students are clear on the cause for concern and why this behaviour is not acceptable. If the behaviour is still an issue after the initial S1 then the student will receive a S2 – 10 – minute imposition on their time. Staff will take the time to have a restorative conversation at this time where they will explore the issue and possible ways forward. It is important to focus on past successes and future potential to enable our students to move forward in a positive way the next lesson.

When a student is repeatedly not getting it right in class they will receive a S3 which means they will be removed from class and receive a 15 – minute imposition where they will also have that restorative conversation. Parents are informed by text or School Gateway of both S2’s and S3’s.