At Churchill Community College we challenge and support students in meeting their full potential. Students join us and we help them on their pathway to fulfilling their aspirations.

Students in Sixth-Form have their own area in school. This comprises of a sixth-form common room where there is a more relaxed feel, a work-room where students can work independently or in groups and this can be supervised at times and also they have full access to the Learning Resource Centre. Computers are widely available in the workroom and the LRC for students to use and there is also a quiet working area within the LRC for sixth-form students to use. The LRC provides an area where students can work independently and in quiet but staff are at hand if needed.

Many departments open an open-door policy and students are encouraged to spend time in these areas to receive additional support and access subject-specific resources.

Staff who support students in Sixth Form are:

  • Jill Teale – Head of Sixth Form
  • Sarah Lawlor – Key Stage 5 Learning Progress Tutor
  • Stephanie lagay – Year 12 Tutor
  •  Sinead Watson – Year 12 Tutor
  • Peter Wilson – Year 13 Tutor
  • Alex Clifford – Year 13 Tutor
  • Kate Christie – Year 13 Tutor
  • Karina Ramsay – Year 13 Tutor
  • Mrs Anna Ridley – year 13 Tutor
  • Katherine Syrett – Year 13 Tutor