The last few months of lockdown have been tough for most of
us. We haven’t been able to see our friends, go about our lives in
the way we would like to and have fun.

You may have quite liked some bits of the lockdown. It hasn’t been a bad
experience for everyone. Maybe you liked staying at home. Maybe you were
having a tough time at school. But it’s fair to say that it hasn’t been easy for

Some of you will have worked hard for exams and be disappointed that you
didn’t get the chance to sit them (or you might be pleased that you didn’t have
to). If you’re leaving or moving to a new school, you might not be able
to say goodbye to your old school, your teachers or your friends. You might
have missed out on school trips and activities at the end of term. Your family
may be getting on your nerves, too. It happens.

These are major and unexpected changes, and we all sometimes find change
hard to cope with. This can add to our stress or make us feel unhappy.

So how should we manage stress or our feelings of worry about unexpected
change? There are a lot of things you can do to look after yourself.
Just as we look after our physical health, it’s important to look after our
mental health. In fact the two are very closely connected.

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