What is The Edge ?

In today’s society, there is a huge amount of competition for employment, university places and training programme we want our young people, with your support, to be the very best they can and stand out from the crowd.

As a College we strive to ensure that our students achieve well and that they develop into well rounded young people who are ready to lead happy, successful lives in whatever route they choose. We want our young people to finish their time at Churchill Community College  not only with the best qualifications possible but with a vast range of personal attributes which will give them ‘The Edge’ and enables them to stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals.



The Edge focuses on the key skills of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.  Our young people have the opportunity to both demonstrate and develop these.    Alongside this, we are also working the complete The Edge Award.  There are many activities which our students can be accredited for; from taking on a leadership role, to discussing their option choices and completing their CEIAG/Options Journey programme, to leading a warm-up session to attend an extra-curricular event.   There are also many activities outside school which can be accredited.

To achieve Edge Apprentice students in Years 7 and 8 will have two years to complete their award and demonstrate how they have used and developed their LORIC skills.

Students have access to an online diary where they are able to record their LORIC achievements.  On successful completion of this our young people will be awarded Edge Apprentice. They can then move on to work on the Pioneer, Masters and Graduate programme.  

An example of activities which students can accredit are shown below.  These can be completed in school and outside of school :-

Edge Apprentice Award
Sample Activities
Leadership Lead a warmup activity in PE

Act as a new arrivals ambassador

Captain a team  (inside or outside of school)

Lead a paired reading activity during Tutor Time

Act as a School Ambassador including assisting in Open Evenings and public speaking events.

Organisation Use “Show My Homework” to organise my time and a to-do list to complete all my homework.

Assist with the setting up of a school event eg concert, show.

Assist with the organisation of equipment in a practical lesson.

Create a centenary Poppy

Organise your time so that you are able to regularly participate in an extracurricular activity.

Resilience Achieve an attendance of 97% or above this term.

Persevere: Undertake a new hobby, attending an extra curricular club to help build up your skills (e.g. photography club)

Persevere: with attending a lunchtime or afterschool club/activity.

Complete – try my absolute best in Accelerated Reader  Programme.

Achieve a Gold Award during Year 7

Achieve – be working at grades 1 or 2 in Attitude to Learning in all subjects.

Persevere – Improve numeracy skills through Numeracy Ninjas

Initiative Launch a school-wide charity collection for toys to give to children charities.

Begin – Take the initiative to find out more about the GCSE option subjects so that you can choose which ones you want to do

Create – Create high-quality nutrition and healthy eating wall display independently for the relevant department e.g Food Tech or PE

Create – a booklet about safety to help Year 6 with transition.

Create– Write a speech/poem about something you’re passionate about.

Take part in World Book Day activities.

Communication Deliver –  communicate a message by programming a BBC microbit.

Act as a panel member at interviews for staff

Act as a tour guide for visitors to the school.

Act respectfully during Tutor Time Quiz time.

Create a leaflet and poster advertising your club, function, and ethos.

Deliver an Ignite speech at the end of Year 7.

Deliver feedback to a partner or group in an area of the subject to identify strengths and areas for improvement within their performances

Delivering an arts and crafts session to primary school students

Present a demonstration on a practical skill in a subject lesson (e.g. Batik dye in Textiles)

Speak with a member of staff about what options are available to me in Key Stage 4 and make an informed decision about what to choose

We would like you as parents/carers to share this journey with our young people – talk to them about their journey, the awards they have gained, the opportunities they have become involved in.   Our college rewards system is linked to these key attributes and students will gain SIMS points for Resilience, Leadership, Initiative.

If you have any questions please contact Miss J. Bruce