Exam Timetables will be published here as soon as the dates are available.

In preparation for your upcoming exams remember:

Exam Do’s

*  DO Arrive at least 10 minutes before your exam starts
*  DO Know the dates/times/location of your exam
*  DO only take authorised equipment in your exams
*  DO only use a calculator if allowed
*  DO tell the invigilator if you think you have the wrong paper
*  DO read all of the instructions on your exam paper carefully
*  DO fill in all of the details on the front of the question paper, if you use
additional paper make sure your details are also on these pieces of paper
*  DO If on the day of any exam you feel your work may be affected by ill
health or any other reason, tell the invigilator

Exam Don’ts

*   DO NOT become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice during your exam. If you do break any rules you could be disqualified from ALL of your subjects
*   DO NOT take any of the following into any exam: Mobile Phone, IPOD, MP3/4 Player, or any other technological web enabled sources of information
*  DO NOT take any notes into an exam with you
*  DO NOT use any correcting pens, erasable pens, highlighters, or gel pens in your exams
*  DO NOT communicate with other students once in the exam room
*  DO NOT leave the exam room unaccompanied before the exam has finished, you will not be allowed to return to the room, also you could have your exam paper cancelled
*  DO NOT ask for any explanations to any of the questions
*  DO NOT take any stationery from the exam room
*  DO NOT leave the exam room until you are told to by the invigilator