Dear Parent,

I hope you are well in these strange and unprecedented times. We would like to remind you of rules around social distancing. If young people are out in the local community, they must stay away from other young people, that advice has just changed to 1m away outdoors. Otherwise they risk spreading the virus to vulnerable people at home e.g. grandparents or members of their family with health issues. Young people forget this, they need constant reminders.

We would also like to bring to your attention a concern we have regarding large groups of teenagers congregating in and around local parks.

Many of these young people are engaging in anti-social behaviour, such as aggressive behaviour/fights and drug taking.  In recent weeks we have taken intoxicated teenagers home and recovered large quantities of alcohol.  We have also received reports of Nitrous Oxide abuse which is of particular concern.

It is important to acknowledge the vast majority of young people in Wallsend are perfectly law abiding and well behaved.  However, as I am sure you will appreciate, anti-social behaviour causes significant concern in the local community.   As parents of teenage children, we are requesting your support regarding their behaviour and conduct.

Any child found to be drunk and/or engaging in anti-social behaviour will be taken home or risk being arrested.  We also work closely with North Tyneside Council and other partner agencies in order to take action as deemed appropriate e.g. engage support from social services.

Should any parents have concerns or wish to discuss this information then please do contact Wallsend Neighborhood Police team based at Middle Engine Lane on the above telephone number or email

Middle Engine Lane Police Station
Middle Engine Lane
Tyne & Wear
NE28 9NT

 Tel: 0191 4378401

 Thank you