Date of Report 1st November 2017
Report Author Jennifer Bruce – Acting Assistant Headteacher


What is Year 7 Catch-Up Funding?
The literacy and numeracy catch-up funding is designed to target and support students in Year 7.

In 2016 the eligibility criteria for catch up funding changed to reflect the changes to end of KS2 assessments. Students are now eligible for catch up funding if they scored less than 100 in Reading and or Maths.

The aim is to accelerate progress so that students catch up with the attainment of their peers.


Leadership of Catch-Up Funding
2017/ 2018 – Jennifer Bruce, Acting Assistant Headteacher oversees Key Stage 3 and monitors the impact of this work. Emma Moffat, Acting SENCO and Nurture Teacher works daily with these students and liaises directly with staff to reintegrate them into the full curriculum.

For 2017/2018, the delivery model for the Nurture Group has changed, with specialist staffing provided by English and Maths. Craig Orwin, Curriculum Leader Maths and Heather Walls, Curriculum Leader English, oversee this provision for their respective areas.

All of this work is overseen by our Pupil Premium Governor who holds us to account throughout the year.


Objectives of Year 7 Catch up Funding 2016 / 2017
We have identified the following barriers to the progress of these students:

·         Self-esteem

·         Weakness in reading ages

·         Presentation

·         Number bonds

Our objective is to overcome these barriers through …

·         To target curriculum and nurture provision to close the attainment gap and raise self-esteem and aspirations

·         To close the attainment gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support

·         To support staff to implement strategies to identify and target intervention to support quality first teaching


Funding received 2016/2017
Number of students who are not secondary ready in English (based on KS2 SATS) 44
Number of students who are not secondary ready in Maths (based on KS2 SATS) 30
Number of students who are not secondary ready in either English or Maths (based on KS2 SATS) 74
Total Catch-Up allocation 2016/2017 £10 907


Summary of Spending 2016 / 2017
Focus Spend
Nurture Group for 8 students with weak literacy and numeracy and low self esteem £13000
1:1 Intervention support for not secondary ready students not in the Nurture Group £6000
Total spend £19000


Impact of work 2016 / 2017  
  September 2016 July 2017 – Made Expected Progress in English and Maths
Scaled score 99 or below English 44 students 84%
Scaled score of 99 or below in Maths 30 students 77%

Students in Nurture Group

English – Not Secondary Ready 8 students 60% of students have made Expected Progress in English.
Maths – Not Secondary Ready 7 students 60% of students have made Expected Progress in Maths


Implications for work in 2016/17
The Nurture Group has ensured that 60% of students have made progress in English or Maths and can now re-enter the curriculum with their peers.   Their attainment is still low and staff need to plan for this in order to support learning and progress.

The college intends continuing this work into 2017 / 2018. However, we have reviewed and refocussed this with the aim of ensuring that all students make progress (catchup) and are able to access the curriculum at an appropriate point.  This will include student groupings, staffing, interventions and monitoring.