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If there are any policies that are not on the list below, please contact the College and request further information.

Appeal a school place decision – Download/View

Anti-Bullying – Download/View

Attendance  – Download/View

Behaviour & Rewards Policy – Download/View

Policy on Behaviour including Covid-19 – Download/View

Charging Policy – Download/View

Child Protection – Child Protection Policy 2020

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Summary Statement 2020 – Download/View

College Rules – Download/View

Complaints Procedure – Download/View

Complaints Policy during the Pandemic and School Closure – Download/View

Complaints Policy – Download/View

Dealing with Allegations of Abuse – Download/View

E-Safety – Download/View

Equality Impact Assessment – Staff – Download/View

Equality Impact Assessment – Students – Download/View

Exclusions Policy – Download/View

Exclusion Policy – Covid-19 – Download/View

Looked After Children – Download/View

Provider Access – Download/View

Privacy Notice (Students) – Download/View

Privacy Notice for Coronavirus Covid-19 – Track & Trace – Download/View

SEND Policy – Download/View

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Covid-19 Download/View

Uniform Policy and Procedure – Download/View