Dear Parents / Carers and Students,

Now that we are into the final half term of this year, we are beginning to think about the start of the new school year in September, when it seems increasingly likely that COVID-19 will continue to have an impact on all of our lives.

Although still a long way off, there is some important information which we wanted to make you aware of at an early stage, so that your child is ready and prepared for the start of the new school year in September.


Emblematic, our uniform supplier, are currently accepting online orders and offering free delivery to your home address on any orders made before 1st July . Note that their retail shops are currently closed and online orders for September need to be placed by 1st August
( ).


From September 2020, our policy regarding mobile phones and digital devices (iPads) will be
changing. From September, if a student chooses to bring a mobile phone to college it must remain switched off and out of sight in their bag/pocket at all times until the end of the day. If a mobile phone is seen it will be confiscated until the end of the day. Should you need to get a message to your child during the college day, you will be able to do this via reception on 0191 234 7200, or you can contact them when they switch their phones back on at the end of the day as they leave site.

We have made this decision in response to the extensive amount of research that currently exists around the impact of mobile phones on young people’s mental health, their use in incidents of bullying, the effect they can have on young people’s concentration levels, and their involvement (or misuse) in incidents of misbehaviour. We are also particularly aware that during the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘real-world’ social interaction has been heavily restricted, and once students are able to return to school, this new policy will support and encourage them to properly re-engage and communicate with each other face to face.

For similar reasons, iPads and other larger electronic devices should also no longer be brought into college, and if required in lessons they will be provided by the college (following government guidelines on cleaning of equipment). However, home learning will continue to be set on Google Classroom, so students will benefit from having access to a computer or internet-enabled device (such as a Chromebook or iPad) at home in order to access, and in some cases complete, their home learning. By not asking students to bring their own devices to school we hope to reduce the financial burden on families at this time as students can instead use a shared or family device or laptop when at home, devices are less likely to be damaged whilst being carried around in school bags, and families can choose to buy less portable but cheaper devices, such as Chromebooks (often less than half the cost of an iPad).


For all our existing students (who are currently in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10), we are planning for the first day of term to be no earlier than MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER . Whilst we will be delighted if we are able to reopen normally to all our current students on 7 September, government guidelines may not make this possible. We will provide you with confirmed arrangements for the start of term nearer the time once we are able to. Please stay connected with us via our website or follow us on social media, including Facebook and
Instagram. If you have any questions before the end of the summer term please contact reception on 0191 234 7200.

Thank you for your continuing support, both for your child and for Churchill Community College. We wish you and your family well, and to stay safe.



David Baldwin                                           Paul Johnson
Headteacher                                  Headteacher from Sept 2020