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Transition Week 2017 - Class of 2021 - New Year 7

Over the last few weeks the Leadership Team have had the pleasure of meeting our new intake in preparation for joining Year 7 at Churchill Community College in September.

The next part of Coming to Churchill is Transition Week which begins with a Parents Evening on Monday 3rd July 2017.

We are oversubscribed for this year and so we get to build strong relationships with everyone we are running Transition Week slightly differently.  All events have been split in two - with half the cohort attending at any one time.

Block Parents' Evening Transition Days
Tutor Groups
1 - 4
Monday 3rd July 2017
5.50pm - 6.50pm
Tuesday 4th July 2017 8.55am - 2.25pm
 (PE Kit required)

Wednesday 5th July 8.55am - 3.00pm
Block Two Parents' Evening Transition Days
Tutor Groups 5 - 8 Monday 3rd July 2017
6.30 – 7.30pm
Arrival from 6.15pm
Thursday 6th July 8.55am - 3.00pm
(PE Kit Required)

Friday 7th July
8.55am - 3.00pm

Students must wear their current school uniform and should either bring money to purchase food from our School Kitchen or a Packed Lunch.

Parents and Carers are invited to the Welcome Assembly (8.55am - 9.15am) and to stay for Coffee and Cake with the Leadership Team (9.15-10.15am).  

If you would like to do this please contact the college to let us know. Tuesday 4th July, 8.55am - 10.15am for Tutor Groups 1-4 Tuesday 5th July, 8.55am - 10.15am for Tutor Groups 5-8 If you have any questions please contact

Miss Bruce, Acting Assistant Headteacher,

End of Term arrangements for students.

As part of the PSCHE Programme we are taking Year 7 students to the Rising Sun County Park in Benton on Tuesday 27th June 2017. Students will walk to the Rising Sun from school under staff supervision and will return to school for a 3pm finish.  This is an exciting opportunity for students to experience new activities, learn about the environment, practice team work and use orienteering skills.

Students and teachers at Churchill are taking part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week from 12-16 June 2017.

BNF Healthy Eating Week has received over 9,200 registrations from nurseries and schools across the UK – meaning nearly 4 million young people will be participating in the Week which aims to promote healthy eating, cooking, being active and awareness of where food comes from, to pupils of all ages.   

Roy Ballam, Managing Director and Head of Education at the British Nutrition Foundation, said: “We’re delighted that Churchill Community College is joining in BNF Healthy Eating Week, providing its pupils with the opportunity to have fun and learn valuable lessons about food and nutrition throughout the week. Schools play a vital role in helping to shape pupil health and wellbeing – and being part of BNF Healthy Eating Week can contribute to this.”  

During BNF Healthy Eating Week, activities will focus on healthy eating, cooking, where food comes from and being active. At Churchill, activities will include students taking part in five challenges which are set by the British Nutrition Foundation. These are:
  • have breakfast;
  • have 5 A DAY;
  • drink plenty;
  • get active;
  • try something new
Students will track their progress with these challenges and be in with a chance of winning a healthy prize if they complete all challenges all week. They will be helped out by the canteen, along with activities in Food Technology lessons and fitness lessons in PE.

For further information contact Mrs Huggins.

It is important that we make you aware of an incident that took place on Monday 22nd May 2017 in which three secondary age pupils from local schools reported being approached by a man, near to Churchill Community College.   
The girls were making their way home towards Tyne Metropolitan College at the time of the incident. 

The girls came to no harm and the police are now making enquiries in the area. Officers will be on patrol in the area at the relevant times to try and identify the man described.

We would like to reassure all parents that the police are dealing with this matter, and to please remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour or activity in the area.

It is important that pupils understand that police officers may be visible as a precautionary measure, and if they do see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious they should let a staff member know immediately.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference 860 of 22/05/17.

Further advice and reminders on keeping children safe from strangers is available from the NSPCC using this short link

Career Zone Event

On Tuesday 9th May all year 8 students from Churchill Community College and Norham High School visited The Parks, North Shields for an innovative 'Career Zone' event. Students attended a selection of 5 workshops, across 5 sectors to get hands on experience of work and to learn about the labour market.

The event was a huge success with students and employers enjoying and learning from the experience. The event was supported by the NTLT World Of Work Team and a huge range of local employers, including Northumbria Police, Accenture, Barclays, Kier, Capita and many more. 

View the pictures

Important Exam Information/advice

Dear Parent / Carer,

On Thursday 20th July, and students in Year 7 - 10 have the chance to take part in an activity of their choice - see below. Please can you discuss this with your child and ensure that they pick an appropriate activity and one that you are happy to pay for. If students do not want to take part in any of these activities, there will be a programme in school at no cost. 

Students will start to opt in tutor time from this week, and then receive letters about off site activities to bring home after the Easter break (consent form, details of the exact cost, etc). If you have any further questions please call the College.

There will also be a Sports day at Monkton Stadium, Jarrow, for the whole school on Wednesday 19th July. Further information about this will be given to students later in the summer term.

Activity   Cost
Lightwater valley Theme park - Year 7 & 8 ONLY
- £30.00
Flamingoland - Year 9 & 10 ONLY
- £30.00
Cinema (film details given nearer the time)
- No Cost
- No Cost
Art Galleries in Newcastle
- Metro Cost
Music/Performing Arts (In School)
- No Cost
- £20-£30

Mrs Roderick - Assistant Headteacher


Sixth Form student, Elisha Tait, is celebrating achieving captaincy of the English Schools Girls' cross country team. The girls' team won the small county cross country competition last week at the national English schools meet.

Elisha said "I run for Gateshead. I came 2nd at the Northumberland championships at temple park and then 12th at the inter counties. I was selected to run for Northumberland at the English Schools finals and was made captain. This is where we won the trophy. This year I have also represented the North East at the UK inter counties (which I do have an action shot from) and have been selected to represent the North East at the London Mini Marathon at the end of April. I also ran at the northern road relays on the 25th of March where we won team gold and I came 7th individually." 

Years 9 & 10 visited Barcelona on a Modern Languages Trip. It was a fantastic experience for staff and students, and there were lots of happy memories to take away from the trip.

Barcelona 2017 - View/Download

(picture courtesy of BBC School Report)

Check out the great stories and videos being produced by our amazing Churchill BBC School Reporters....

Churchill Community College BBC School Report 2017

New GCSE Grades 9-1

A reminder that GCSE grades are changing from this summer.  Year 11 students will receive results for their GCSE English, English Literature and Maths as Grade 9-1.  All other subjects will be A*-G.  Year 10 students will receive results that are Grades 9-1 in all subjects except: Business Studies, Health and Social Care and Design Technology.  The following link explains more about the changes

World Class School Tours the World

Students from the World Class Churchill Community College and feeder primary schools spent this week touring the world.

Through Google’s Pioneer Programme, Google Expeditions visited Churchill to give our young people a taste of the world.  This Virtual Reality Experience exports students and staff to past times, historic sights, the world of work, the future and around the world where they can immerse themselves in the setting.

Expeditions is a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual field trips, immersing students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life and giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

Across the Expeditions over eight hundred students from Churchill Community College, Denbigh Primary School, Stephenson Memorial Primary School and Norham High School have visited Barcelona, Borneo, The Amazon, Titanic Belfast, The Great Barrier Reef, Space, Paris and imagined that they are Viking Warriors.  This is such a valuable learning experience and one which we would not be able to provide without this technology.

Katie, Year 7 said, “Google Expeditions was really cool as we could experience what happens in a restaurant.  I was able to see how my food was made and served.   It is a virtual reality activity like a stimulator / game but you are in the middle of it.  Our visit to the Restaurant was just like work experience but we are still in school.”

Jennifer Bruce, Acting Assistant Headteacher said, “ Our Expeditions have been a wonderful experience for students and staff.  This has really enabled us to bring learning to life through virtual reality technology.  To see the awe and wonder on students faces was just phenomenal.”

Understanding the Teenage Brian

We are delighted to once again be hosting an "Understanding the Teenage Brain" session with Generation Training (

 This is an informal and social event for parents/carers & staff to help understand the complexities of teenage brains and typical behaviours. 

Please email: Mrs Marie Jobson - Post-16 Coordinator is you would like to attend -

Parents/ carers,

Please note that if your child is given an S3 in class then you will receive a text to inform you of this. You may also be contacted directly by the member of staff concerned. An S3 means that the student has been removed from the classroom and has received a 15 minute detention because they are behaving in an inappropriate manner. S3's are generally given when a student has previously had a warning and a 10 minute detention yet the behaviour has not improved.

If you receive a text home we would appreciate it if you could discuss this with your child.

Our Local Hero

Churchill student Ross Fulthorpe returned a wallet he witnessed being dropped by Churchill Street resident Mr Selley.

Mr Selley had no idea he had dropped his wallet as he drove off in his car early one morning, but thankfully it had been spotted by Ross who was on his way to College with his friends

The wallet contained a significant amount of money, bank cards and a few personal items. Ross imediately picked the wallet up, identified the house Mr Selley lived in, and returned to a very grateful Mrs Selley.

Mrs Selley didn't get the heroes name at the time of the incident, so made it her mission to find out who the hero was, by sitting at her front window each morning trying to recognise which Churchill student it was.

Eventually after almost a week, and numerous phone calls to the College, the honest young man was finally identified. To recognise this amazing act of kindness and honesty, Ross, Mrs Fulthorpe, Mr & Mrs Selley were asked to join the Headteacher, Head of School, Chair of Governors, Joy McConnell and Marie Jobson from the Guidance Team, where Ross recieved the Headteachers badge for Honesty as well as a reward from Mr & Mrs Selley.

Headteacher - David Baldwin said "Ross is an amazing young man who we should all be proud of".

The Reading Across The Curriculum Days

All Year 7 and Year 8 students will be in normal lessons and with their usual six different classroom teachers throughout the day.  Each individual lesson, either the teacher or student(s) will read out a specific poem - the poems are attached below and Year 7 & Year 8 students will have their ipads, if required.  This will only act as a starter to their lesson then the normal lesson will continue to take place as usual.

Complete Poem Set - Download/View

As in previous events like this, Year 7 and Year 8 students will be listening and/or reading aloud six poems - in this case all linked to the theme of Love in some way - throughout the day.  I have informed them about the thinking behind the readings.  I have discussed this in registration times in order to establish clear expectations here too.   

I have attached a powerpoint of poems along with five possible questions to either ask students or get students to ask each other. I have added some brief notes at the bottom of each slide/poem for you.  Please only spend 5 minutes on Tuesday reading and discussing/questioning with your students. The poems/slides are numbered 1-6, 1 being Period One, Slide 2 being P2  etc etc. Please only read the one poem allocated to your Y7 and/or Y8 lesson.

 is student led, so students need to be encouraged to engage in the readings and questioning process themselves.  Students can read the poem out - it does not need to be the member of staff - the idea is that this is a whole class participation reading experience.  If you have Year 7 or Year 8 more than once on Tuesday you will obviously need to read a different poem per lesson.

Please can you email me photographs of readings taking place in your subject area by the end of Tuesday.  I will make sure they are uploaded on to the college website/twitter etc to share with parents. Thank you for your support here and if you have any questions, please just ask.

Kate Christie - Literacy Coordinator Email:

Dear Parent, We would really appreciate your support with a few issues:

If a child is ill they should speak to their Head of Year and we will then contact home if it is serious enough. At the moment we have students contacting home to say they unwell on their mobile phones and parents arriving at reception, though we are unaware of the issue, and often it is not serious enough to warrant them going home. We try and support children to stay in school where possible and just contact home if necessary

* Students need to come to school in full uniform – we sent lot of detailed information home about this before the start of the school year. If there is a short term problem with uniform, please could you send the student in with a note explaining the problem. We have lots of students in a range of coloured trainers at the moment, they must be wearing black polishable footwear except in rare circumstances e.g. shoes have broken and new ones need to be bought.

* Students need to have a pen, pencil and ruler with them in school. They can buy these at the shop at school before school, break and lunch at a low cost, but some students are buying replacements almost every day. Please could you support your child to have a place to put their equipment in their bags e.g. a pencil case, so they do not lose it throughout the day. Thanks for your support with these matters.

Mrs Roderick
Assistant Head

We thought it might be useful for us to share the ways in which we praise students on a regular basis:

Students receive house points for excellent achievement or effort in lessons. This adds up throughout the term and they receive a certificate and are entered into a prize draw to win a cinema voucher. These points add up across the year and students are awarded a final certificate. Every student who achieves Diamond or Platinum level of points is given a cinema voucher. The points are taken into account when the awards are given out at the annual Star Awards evening and contribute to the overall House winners each year.

Read more....

3D Visualisers

80 Year 9 artists and photographers from both Churchill and Norham are working with 3D visualisers from Ravensworth on a live Urban Regeneration brief to hypothetically develop the outdoor space around school into a multifunctional performance, recreational or educational space. This fantastic opportunity for work related learning is extremely exciting and we are very grateful to Ravensworth for their commitment to working with our students.