Dear Parent/Carer,

Home learning survey

Thank you for your continued support. My staff continue to make learning opportunities
available through Google Classrooms. It’s great to see so many young people
accessing these materials online and continuing with their learning.

I appreciate this is a difficult time when your children are being asked to access
learning at home, with most of this learning being done online, and that some families
may not have access to the technology.

Smartphones are great for many simple tasks but they can make other tasks difficult
or impossible in some cases.

North Tyneside Council is looking at different ways to try to support families to ensure
that every child can access online home learning easily. If you believe your family
would benefit from additional support in this area please.

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All information gathered is solely for the purpose of getting support to families that
need it and will not be shared beyond North Tyneside Council.

Your sincerely,

David Baldwin