Governor Relevant business/pecuniary interests Governor/Trustee of other schools/academies Relationships with school staff
Lindsey Adams None declared
David Mark Baldwin None declared Executive Head at Norham High School from Sept 2015
Founding Governor at Grasmere Academy from Sept 2012  Consultant at Marden High School from Sept 2015
Trustee and Director of North Tyneside Academy Foundation from Sept 2010
Chair of North Tyneside Learning Trust
Member of staff
Jennifer Bruce None declared Co-opted Governor at Battle Hill Primary School from Nov 2016 Member of staff
Vivianne Buller Vivianne Buller Consultancy from 2004 (Sole trader)
Vivianne Buller Consultancy Ltd from 2005 – 2010
Food for Learning Solutions Ltd from 2017 (Director)
None declared None declared
Andrew Robert Sugden Director of Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rugby Football Club Ltd and Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rugby Football Foundation Ltd from April 2014Trustee of Whitley Bay Rockcliff Rugby Football Foundation from April 2014
Trustee of Newcastle Dispensary Relief and Sickness
Wife – Jacqui Sugden (Clerk to the GB) trading as School Clerk UK from April 2014
None declared None declared
Gill Wilson Generation Training and Development from July 2015 None declared None declared
Jill Huxtable None declared Member at Moorbridge PRU from Sept 2017 Member of staff
Colwyn David Wilson None declared
Lowri Clasper None declared
Claire Emma Leman None declared
Marc Philip Lennox None declared
Richard Magnus Ludlow None declared
Audrey Peebles None declared
Simon Battensby None declared
Tracey Booth None declared