Equality and diversity is a term used in the United Kingdom to define and champion equality, diversity and human rights as defining values of society. It promotes equality of opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination

The Governing body supports tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths, or those of no faith, cultures and lifestyles; and supports and helps, through words, actions and influence within the school and more widely in the community, to prepare its pupils positively for life in modern Britain.

It supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and model rights, respect and personal responsibility in all relationships: between Governors, staff, parents, pupils and the local community.

Our College Vision and Values reflect this. This vision is centered on the College’s core purpose of helping everyone achieve the best they can. The issues of equality, diversity and disability has been an important consideration in the College for many years. We aim to provide specific services to support disabled people in order to remove any barriers that relate to teaching, learning and accessibility at the College.

In addition, our Single Equality Scheme aims to integrate equality into the College’s core priorities and functions. It also informs our School Development Plan and this will enable us to:

  • Demonstrate how promoting equality and eliminating discrimination can help raise standards
  • Ensure that equality and diversity are part of the College’s core business both as a school and as an employer
  • Promote community cohesion and good relations between people of different backgrounds through education
  • Inform the overall evaluation of our effectiveness in our self-evaluation form for future Ofsted inspections
  • Place the College in a position, which is regarding by everyone as an environment that affords respect and fair treatment of all.