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General Information


Headteacher - Mr David Baldwin
Chair of Governors - Mrs Tracey Booth
Age range of students - 11-18
Form Groups - 6 in each Year Group
House Structure - 6 Houses:
Alnwick, Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh,
Ford, Lindisfarne,
The College Day
The College Day (PDF Download)
We expect all students to wear uniform at all times. If you do not do so, you should expect to be sent home to change into your uniform.

The uniform is:
* Black trousers for boys, Black trouser or skirt for girls
* White shirt or plain white polo shirt
* Navy blue sweatshirt
* Polishable Black shoes
* Plain black boots may be worn in the winter.
Navy Blue Polo Shirt
Navy Blue Shorts
Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms
White Socks
White Training Shoes
Navy Blue Polo Shirt
Navy Blue Shorts
Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms
Navy Blue Football Socks
White Training Shoes

If you are unable to do PE due to an injury or illness you must still bring your kit and bring a note from your parent/carer to explain what is wrong with you.

Parental Committment

Hair and Make-up
Hair styles should not be extreme. Shaven head or Mohican style haircuts are not allowed nor are brightly coloured hair dyes - such as pink, blue, orange etc. If students dye their hair they will be asked to change it or receive sanctions if they do not follow this instruction.

Hair should be subtle and sensibly styled.

Make-up should be subtle. If it is not, students will be asked to remove it immediately

Electronic Equipment

This includes: Ipods, MP3 players and Mobile Phones.

These are allowed to be used to text, make phone calls and listen to music before school, at break, at lunch and after school. At NO TIME should phones be used to take pictures or video.

These items are not allowed to be used in lessons or between lessons,    unless the teacher has given you permission. Phones should be switched off during lessons. Neither the item nor earpieces should be seen. Failure to follow these rules will result in the item being confiscated. The teacher taking the phone will decide how long the phone will be confiscated for.

* Rings if worn must be limited to a single ring.
* A single necklace is allowed but must be tucked away out of sight.
* A simple pair of stud earrings may be worn
* Body piercing is not acceptable. Students will have to remove body piercing jewellery for safety reasons. i.e Lip or nose studs. Refusal to comply with these instructions will     result in students being sanctioned by their Learning Coordinator

Supporting Post-16 - collaboration with Burnside
Churchill Community College and Burnside Business and Enterprise College Sixth Forms have a strong tradition of collaboration. For this academic year Key Stage 5 staff from both schools are working together to offer BTEC Music, AS/A2 Geography, AS/A2 Food Technology, AS/A2 Psychology. For any question about collaboration, please contact
Extended Schools - Wallsend Partnership

is a soft federation of all of the schools serving the Wallsend area. The Head teachers of the 15 schools (2 secondary/13 primary/1 special school) meet regularly to discuss common aims. Each school is also represented by a governor on the federation governance group which meets each term.
By pooling financial resources the partnership have been able to employ staff to work across the schools.
4 of these staff are part of an ‘Intervention Team’ of Higher Level Teaching Assistants. They provide intervention support for Maths and English at KS2 and KS3 based on termly attainment data provided by each school.
3 of the staff are ‘Transition Learning Mentors’ supporting the transition of students from KS2 to KS3. In the spring and summer terms they work in the primary schools and in the autumn term follow the Y6 students who they then support to settle into secondary education.
The work of the partnership is coordinated by a management team comprising 5 of the head teachers supported by the director of Extended Services for Wallsend.
Churchill Family of Schools
comprises Churchill Community College and the 5 primary schools in its locality. Battle Hill / Denbigh / Hadrian Park / Holy Cross / Stephenson Memorial.
The Headteachers of the schools meet each half term to discuss common issues such as communication, transition and extended services.
Personal Achievement Through Learning Support

PALS was created to target Key Stage 4 students, offering;

Full time supervised, statutory education for pupils coming into borough and without a mainstream school.

Full/part-time supervised, statutory education for pupils referred by the North Tyneside Secondary Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) of schools via the Secondary Support Team (SST).

The students are either hard to place owing to their late arrival into the borough or were at the point of permanent exclusion from their host schools.

Since Easter 2012 PALS has accepted students from Year 9.

Aim of PALS

To maximise attainment and progress of mainstream pupils at serious risk of permanent exclusion or who are without a school place.

Ofsted Report 2013

                      Parents Using Cars

Please can all parents using cars to collect students at the end of the school day, turn off their engines while they are parked up outside of the college on Churchill Street or nearby. This request has come from the council as a reminder about cutting down on air pollution, particularly where there are children around.