“I was a little bit scared on the first day, but as soon as I found my Form Room I saw all my friends I had made on Induction Day! Everyone was very friendly”. Year 7 Student

“The minute you walk through the school gates you see one of your friends and everyone is laughing and talking excitedly on their way to their Form Rooms”. Year 7 Student

“We do our very best to welcome new students. The induction days and tours give us the chance to get to know each other, and make the first day far more comfortable – and exciting!”. Year 9 Student

“One of the reasons students join our Sixth Form is because of the Learning Support team. Very few schools offer such attentive help. Students with learning difficulties are fully supported to achieve the best possible results”. Sixth Form Student

“My teacher is the best ever, she lets me ask her lots and lots of questions about my coursework, and she is always available to help me”. Year 8 Student

The Headteacher is so nice, he always talks to you and seems to know everybody’s name”. Year 10 Student

“Mrs Huxtable always stops to ask I am and if everything is OK”. Year 8 Student

A massive thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have really helped me develop into the person I am today and you always believed in me.  Year 11 Student

Thank you so much for the opportunities you have given me and the Star Award nomination.  You have helped me so much and I have really enjoyed my first year at Churchill, it really is like one big family.  Year 8 Student

You always believed in me, never gave up and gave me lots of your time to help improve my work.  Thank you. Year 11 Student

Transition Week and joining Churchill have been brilliant  – thank you so much for organising lots of activities for me and taking the time to explain things to me. Year 7 Student

Your help and support over the last two years have got me through some really tough barriers.  Thank you, Year 13 Student

So far, Churchill has been amazing!  It is a great school to come to and I’m really happy I chose Churchill.  It is outstanding. The uniform is nice and smart so everybody looks part of the college.  All of the teachers I have met have been lovely and I’m really excited for the year to progress with them teaching me.  I am also buzzing to try new lessons that I didn’t do in the primary. Year 7 Student

My first week at Churchill was outstanding because everyone was so friendly and looked after me, our assembly was brilliant and on my first days of lessons, I had all of my favourite subjects.  I have a really nice Maths and Food Technology teacher. Year 7 Student