Subject iLearn
Members of staff Alex Blythe – Teacher, Alex Clifford – Teacher, Amy Hardwick – Teacher, Claire Scudder – Assistant Headteacher/Teacher, Dan Laidler – Teacher, Darren Parr – Teacher, Gordon Todd – Teacher, Jodie Chater – Teacher, Joanne O’Donnell – Teacher, Jill Teale – Teacher, Kay Gray – Teacher, Katherine Syrett – Teacher, Louise Cairns – Teacher, Luke Drysdale – Teacher, Lauren Hayton – Teacher, Lucy Roderick – Assistant Headteacher/Teacher, Ross Marley – Teacher
Subject overview

iLearn encompasses all aspects of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PHSE) education, careers, citizenship, character, religion, relationship and sex education in one subject which is delivered across all year groups.

Lessons encourage students to consider a broad range of issues to do with morality, faith and ethical dilemmas. Students will learn to consider a range of theoretical and philosophical viewpoints within the context of specific focus areas. Students will be asked to investigate a range of viewpoints of any give subject and to consider the reasons why our society/culture is the way it is, and how it differs from other societies/cultures around the world.

iLearn requires students to study some difficult issues, where at times, challenging images, ideas and questions may be posed. This is a part of our subject and staff will always be sensitive to student age and deal with difficult issues in an age-appropriate way, with age-appropriate resources. Where staff know that students may be personally affected by some of the topics/issues discussed, they will seek advice from Guidance Leaders and ensure that support is given if necessary.

Key Stage 3
Content Year 7 Year 8
Autumn term 1 Who am I? Medical ethics
Autumn term 2 Life, the universe and everything. Sex and Relationships
Spring term 1 Prejudice and discrimination Finance and economy in society
Spring term 2 Religion and multiculturalism. Drugs and Alcohol
Summer term 1 Drugs and Alcohol Drugs and Alcohol
Summer term 2 Friendships and Relationships The environment
Key Stage 4
Content Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Autumn term 1 Right, wrong and risk Self-image Drugs and Alcohol
Autumn term 2 Sex and Relationships Self-image Sex and Relationships
Spring term 1 Why do people do bad things? Drugs and Alcohol Parenting
Spring term 2 Crime and Punishment Sex and Relationships Elderly and death
Summer term 1 Drugs and Alcohol Sex and Relationships
Summer term 2 Careers and the Future Elderly and Death
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How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?

Parents can show an interest in the issues and ideas that students will hopefully share at home. Many of the issues we study will be relevant to the modern world, to current affairs or recent events/developments. A wider knowledge of society, news and events is always useful for students and so encouraging students to have an awareness of weekly news events will support general knowledge and understanding.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students will experience drop-down days over the course of the year which will give them experiences to explore some of the topics in greater depth, link with professionals and guest speakers and interact with employers.


Key Stage 5
Content Year 9 Year 10
Autumn term 1
Autumn term 2
Spring term 1
Spring term 2
Summer term 1
Summer term 2
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