Subject Health & Social Care
Members of staff  Jennifer Bruce – Curriculum Leader, Hanna Brown – Subject Teacher,  Lynn Patterson – Teacher, Ami Gascoigne – Subject Teacher, Amanda King – Subject Teacher, Carol Bradwell – HSC Technician

Subject overview

Health and Social Care is an interesting, relevant and exciting subject. It relates to day to life and how people grow and develop over the course of their life. It also considers the role of health and social care professionals in supporting their clients and we also study health and wellbeing. It covers a vast range of key topics and promotes collaborative learning, discussion, problem solving, debate and an awareness of current issues in health.   This course is offered to students in Years 9 – 13.
Key Stage 3
Content Year 7 Year 8
Autumn term 1  


Health & Social Care is a Key Stage Four and Key Stage Five subject.

Autumn term 2
Spring term 1
Spring term 2
Summer term 1
Summer term 2
Key Stage 4


Content Year 9

BTEC Level 2 Technical Award HSC

Year 10

BTEC Level 2 Technical Award HSC

Year 11


Autumn term 1 Human Lifespan and development.

Development at infancy and early childhood.

Importance of play.

Primary socialisation, starting school and bullying.

Health and Social Care services and values.

Different types of care services for a range of ages.

Main focus on early years and older adults.


Life Stages and Life Events

Controlled Assessment – Job Roles and Care Values

Autumn term 2 Development at Adolescence.

Self-concept, Peer pressure and Education.

Effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking.

The different types of barriers to services. Controlled Assessment – Client Needs and barriers.

Revision – Self Concept and Life Events.

Spring term 1 Development at Adulthood.

Empty Nest syndrome.

Mid-Life crisis.

The Care Value base and how it is used within a
Health and Social Care setting.How health services use feedback.
Controlled Assessment – Evaluation.

Exam Preparation

Revision – Relationships and types of support.

Spring term 2 Factors that affect development.

Lifestyle choices.

Relationships and isolation.

Health and Wellbeing.

Diet, exercise and health.

Personal hygiene, social interactions and stress.

Willingness to seek help or access services.

Exam Preparation – Revision


Factors affecting Growth and Development

PIES and needs.

Summer term 1 Economic factors that affect development.

Different types of life events that are unexpected and expected.

The impact of a range of life events.

Health indicators and interpreting data relating to smoking,
alcohol and exercise.

Exam Preparation – Revision
Summer term 2 Different types of support.

Adapting to change.


Target setting for a person’s health.

Sources of support

Implementing plans and obstacles the person may face.

Revision & Final Examination
Revision links for GCSE course

●        Students will be provided with a revision guide.




How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?


●        Encourage your child to attend after school or lunchtime clubs

●        Test students on subject specific language and key terms

●        Encourage students to complete past questions and read relevant articles.  These will be shared through our Department Facebook Page.

Extra-Curricular Activities

●        Coursework Clinic  – Lunchtimes and Wednesday and Thursday afterschool

●        Home Learning Club – Wednesday lunchtime and afterschool

●        Visiting Speakers – Teesside University – Nursing, Midwifery and Occupational Therapy.