Subject GCSE Business Studies
Members of staff Sinead Watson and Lorraine Elliott
Key Stage 4
Content Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Autumn term 1 Business Activity

Students learn about the role of business, entrepreneurship and business planning.


Students learn about how businesses organise their staff, the different ways of working and how businesses communicate with different stakeholders.


Student learn about the concept of break-even and the importance of cash in day-to-day activities.

Autumn term 2 Business Activity

Students learn about the features of different types of business ownership.


Students learn about the process of applying for a job and how businesses select the best person for the job. They investigate likely training this applicant is likely to receive and how the business should motivate them to perform to their best.

Influences on Business

Students learn about how external factors impact on the running of a business. Students consider environmental, ethical and economic influences.

Spring term 1 Business Activity

Students learn about the aims and objectives of different businesses and their different stakeholders.


Students learn about different production processes, how quality is ensured and the impact of technology here.

Interdependent nature of business

Students will make connections between different elements of the subject and will draw together knowledge, skills and understanding from different parts of the course and apply their knowledge to business decision making within a business context.

Spring term 2 Marketing

Students learn about the role of marketing and the purpose and methods of market research.


Students learn about the importance of location, relationships with suppliers and consumer law.

Summer term 1 Marketing

Students learn about how businesses target customers.


Students learn about the different ways to raise business finance.

Summer term 2 Marketing

Students learn about how businesses develop a marketing mix.


Students learn how to calculating costs, revenue and profit.


Revision links for GCSE Business Studies course

How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?

Parents can support by ensuring your child revisits subject matter taught in class on a regular basis. Weekly revision (independent of set homework) should be taking place. Ensuring this happens could make a significant impact on your child’s examination performance.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Opportunities to run your own mini business enterprise