Student Wellbeing

Travelling on buses and start/end times of the day

For all the latest information around how Arriva are handling the pandemic and how passengers need to travel using buses please visit the page here – If you are planning anything different around your school start and end times please do let us know so we can advise our network and planning teams. Furthermore, if you require any specific transport requirements please let us know, for example if you have minibuses which may now be too small we may be able to assist here.


We have a number of options available for ticketing for both the school and the parents/students;

  • We can assist the school by providing a range of tickets to pass onto students. These can be supplied in day, week, 4 week, termly or academic year. These are particularly useful for bursary/pupil premium students, rewarding good attendance, after school clubs or any other means. Please let us know if you wish to discuss this.
  • We have attached a letter which can be circulated to parents. This scheme is a direct debit scheme which can be stopped or started at any time and can save the parents up to 25% per year against the cost of a standard ticket. The process is a simple one, simply follow the link on the letter and it contains all the relevant information to go ahead and sign up.

Members of the North Tyneside Young Carers Forum have worked with decision makers across North Tyneside to produce podcasts over 6-weeks. The link below is the first podcast we would like to share with you and highlight support available.

Keeping your child safe online