Dear Parents, Carers and Students

At Churchill Community College we think that oracy (the ability to communicate effectively) is very important and over the past few years we have dedicated time in lessons to improving students’ communication skills through different oracy strategies.

This week sees the launch of our Conversation Calendar, to make sure that students are still being given opportunities to develop their oracy skills at home.  Each day students are being asked to speak to someone in their household for a minimum of ten minutes about a specific question and try to use the different strategies that we have seen in College.

All of the information that students will need can be found in their Google Classrooms under the Oracy and Communication Topic.  This includes some help sheets, the Conversation Calendar itself and two videos to both introduce the task and also demonstrate what one these conversations might look like.

We hope that you enjoy this new daily challenge and we look forward to, perhaps, seeing some of your conversations over the coming weeks!

Mr Ludlow and Miss Blythe