Dear Parent / carer,
Thank you to the vast majority of parents and students who support the College by ensuring pupils are in the correct uniform.
Uniform is very important to us  – in wearing it students show they are proud to be part of Churchill and parents are showing that they will work with the school and support our values.
At the moment, there are a number of parents/students who are not supporting us, which is not fair to those parents who are, and goes against the commitment made in sending your child to Churchill. We have issues with:
 – students wearing metal nose rings / studs ( we have said we will only accept a clear plastic stud)
 – students not wearing black polishable shoes (and wearing black trainers/ canvas/suede instead- we have always been very clear about what is expected in terms of footwear)
 – students wearing leggings or tracksuit bottoms ( they need to be in black tailored trousers – if a student’s underwear can be seen through thin leggings it is not acceptable and makes them vulnerable)
 – students with blue / green / pink hair ( hair should be a natural colour e.g.  tones of black, brown, blond, auburn, ginger etc)
Please could you resolve any issues over the weekend and send in a note with any longer term issues that prevent your child being in uniform ( or call their Head of Year).
We think we have a very accessible, low cost uniform and would really appreciate your support in ensuring your child wears it. The governors have told senior staff that they want to ensure students are in uniform and are supporting the school in dealing with this.
If as a parent you use the line that ‘lots of other students are not in full uniform so why should your child be’ you are not supporting us or the vast majority of the community who are.  It is also not  true  – most students are in full uniform. We know at times money is tight and young people are awkward – we are happy to support you with both of those issues – please contact your child’s Head of Year. If there is a medical issue, we must see a doctors note.
At the moment a huge amount of staff time is spent chasing uniform issues. I am sure you will agree that there are much better things we could be doing to support young people.
Just to repeat as well – THANK YOU to the vast majority of parents and students who support us and get this right every day.
Mrs Roderick
Assistant Head