TRAX works by developing more positive relationships between students, their peers and adults.  Self-confidence and aspirations are raised, thus increasing their engagement with school and learning; leading to more positive outcomes.

Training for teachers and support staff is also available.  This focuses on understanding the needs of students and developing more inclusive classroom practices.

The staff team at TRAX aim to develop the skills and qualities of students who have been referred in
order to improve their self-esteem, confidence, emotional literacy and resilience.

Research has shown that young people with good emotional and social skills find it easier to form positive relationships with peers and adults, and will engage with school and learning more fully.

Trax uses evidence informed approaches drawing on research from a range of fields includin educational and neuro-psychology.  We work in a solution orientated way using narrative skills to develop nurturing a relationship with our students.  Elements of our programme include mindfulness, self-awareness, emotional literacy as well as general social skills.

Our aim is for students to leave TRAX with increased resilience and with improved capacity to learn. We hope you find the website informative and useful.

David Anderson
TRAX Manager