When we return to school on Monday 6th January there are 16 school weeks to the start of Year 11 GCSE exams.  Although in some ways this might seem like a long time, we know with the amount of subject content students now have to remember for over 22 exams during May and June 2020 this can feel incredibly daunting.  Every year students tell us how hard they find it to revise and we know they do not always use the most effective methods leading to a belief that there is no point in revising because I am not good at it! Therefore, from the Monday 13th January 2020 we are opening our brand new ‘3-5 Club’.

Thanks to the enormous commitment of Churchill staff we are going to operate the ‘3-5 club’ each afternoon from 3.15-5.00pm (Tuesday 2.25 – 4.15pm) in MS07 for year 11 students.   The session will allow students, supporting by Churchill staff, to access the best and most effective methods of revision.  We appreciate that this is a significant commitment we are asking from students, but it is no more than the commitment many students up and down the country will be giving to their exams and we want our students to be in the best possible position to ‘compete for grades’ as other students in the country.

We look forward to welcoming ALL Year 11 students to the 3-5 Club from Monday 6th January.